From a very young age, my first and foremost skill has always been drawing and painting. Inspired by many Eastern European fairy tales and illustrations, it became my way of creating new worlds for myself to try and escape reality. While other kids wanted to go outside and play, I was perfectly happy inside with a pencil and sketchbook in hand.

When I was about three years old, the first thing I learned to draw were horses. They fascinated me for many reasons. In some sense they represented freedom of movement to me. The idea of climbing onto the back of a horse and galloping across the plains, or over snowy mountains seemed like the most wonderful and most adventurous thing! They've played a big part in my artwork ever since, though sometimes I do try to make a conscious effort to break away from them and venture into something else.


I never developed a very specific style, because I've always liked to experiment with different techniques. Just when I think I've found "the one", my next piece could take on a completely different look. I have no favorite medium, but I am more proficient with graphite and pen & ink vs. oils and watercolor.


With digital artwork taking over in the early 2000s, I too began exploring these options, because they offered the kind of flexibility that traditional art does not. No more waiting for the paint to dry, no more fumes, no more wasted paper or canvas, no size limitations, no need for a large studio, and no need to buy new paint and brushes. All the traditional art tools are available in programs such as Corel Painter, Artrage & Photoshop. As far as digital inks, oil paints, palette knives, pencils and watercolors are concerned, they all behave in the same way that traditional tools do. Wacom's amazing digital pens and Cintiq Companion tablets made traditional art in digital form possible and highly gratifying.

I hope you enjoy this random collection of some of my more recent artwork. Purchasing prints is also an option.

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